St Margaret’s Church

St Margaret’s Church Hornby, is part of the United Benefice of Hornby, Whittington, Arkholme and Gressingham

The Vicar: Revd Michael Hampson, can be contacted by email, or by phone on 015242 21712

Details of services can be found by following this link

The History of Saint Margaret’s

The current building dates largely from 1513 and 1889 with other renovations in 1817 and 2013-2015.

Ninth century
The two fragments of standing stone crosses mounted on the wall in the tower, and the medieval tombstones below, are from Hornby Priory, on the site that became Priory Farm

Roger de Montbegon of Hornby was one of the twenty-five barons who served as guarantors of the rights enshrined in Magna Carta

The first chapel on this site, when this was both the town square and the main access to Hornby Castle

The Claughton Bell (displayed in the tower) comes from Saint Chad’s church, Claughton, and bears the date 1296, making it the second-oldest dated bell in the country

The tower was commissioned by Sir Edward Stanley, Lord Monteagle, in thanksgiving for a safe return from the battle of Flodden

The east end sanctuary walls, matching the shape of the west end tower, date from 1523

Historic plan of Hornby church

The north and south nave walls date from the 1817 restoration

Much of what you see today comes from the 1889 restoration by Lancaster architects Paley and Austin, including pews, pulpit, organ, choir stalls, artwork behind the high altar, pillars, ceiling, roof and font

The west doors, in oak and glass, were installed to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the tower

The new servery was created in 2014 using oak recovered from the 1889 restoration

The artworks along the south wall were created for Easter 2014 by Bert Ogden. Together entitled ‘Resurrection’, they are inspired by driftwood and other abandoned artefacts encountered along the shore

The heating system was renewed in 2015 for the first time since 1889

Saint Margaret’s is open every day during daylight hours.
Since 1280 it has been a holy place for worship and prayer, so feel free to use it as a place to offer a prayer – for world peace,
for the unity of the church, for your own needs, and for the needs of others, giving thanks for many blessings and for all who have gone before

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