Hornby Village Trust

In 2015, due to concerns regarding the significant liability associated with the role of a trustee of The Hornby Village Trust and prompted by the charity’s weakening financial position a restructuring of  responsibilities was undertaken. This has lead to the creation of a private company limited by guarantee, which does not own the property, but means that should Hornby Village Trust cease to be financially viable, each director’s liability would be a nominal amount (£1). The number of trustees has been reduced with the formation of a Committee of Society Representatives (COSR) to advise the trustees. In order to avoid compromising the charitable status of Hornby Village Trust, a new company Hornby Village Trust Trading Company has been created to run the bar.

The restructuring of Hornby Village Trust is as follows:

The Hornby Village Trust – Registration Date: 16th March 1964, Charity Registration Number: 521122
The Hornby Village Trust – Owns the freehold of Hornby Village Institute, the cottage and car park and is responsible for meeting its agreed  charitable objects, it currently has 7 Trustees

Hornby Village Trust is divided into:
Private Limited Company by guarantee without share capital and exempt from the requirement to have a name ending with ‘Limited’ or permitted alternative. Incorporated on: 29 April 2015, Company Number: 09567950, it currently has 3 Directors.
Registered Charity Registration Date: 14th October 2015, Charity Registration Number: 1163973, it currently has 8 Trustees.
Hornby Village Trust is responsible as tenant to “The Hornby Village Trust” for the maintenance and upkeep of their property in pursuit of the realisation of its agreed charitable objects.

Hornby Village Trust Trading Company Limited – Private Limited Company (wholly owned by Hornby Village Trust), Incorporated on: 14 April 2015, Company Number: 09541606
Responsible for running of the bar, it currently has 3 Directors.

Hornby Village Trust management committee meets in the second week of every month.

The Committee of Society Representatives usually meets once a quarter on the third Monday of March, June, Sept & December at 7.30pm

President – David Battersby

The Management Committee of Hornby Village Trust are currently:

Chair – Pat Seber
Vice Chair – Carol Webster
Treasurer – Peter King
Asst Treasurer – Jo Sakne
Secretary – Dave Collins
Minutes Secretary – Chris Smith

Elected Member – Alison Jones
Elected Member – Jacqui Lloyd
Elected Member – Christine Hatton

Committee of Society Representatives:

Art Group – Ann Nash
Bowling Club – Jacqui Lloyd
Contact – Marie Hopkinson
Countryside Society – Sam Ashton
Drama Group – Neil Read
Drop Inn – Meg Coates
Flower Club – Pat Seber
Help Line – Chris Collins
Hornby Singers – Pat Seber
Knitting Group – Edna Parry
Occasionals – Nicky Kennedy
Parish Council – Jacqui Lloyd
Pensioners – Meg Coates
Primary School PTA – Michelle Norris
Probus – Roger Carter
Rambling Club – Ann Nash
Reading Club – Edna Parry
St Mary’s Church – Helena Derbyshire
St Margaret’s Church – Carol Webster
Co-opted Members:
– Diane Wilkes

Institute Manger is Jill Calvert

Institute Contact Number 015242 22227

Email: hornbyinstitute@outlook.com

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