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Last Senior Moments Meeting – 30th March

You are invited to a Stay Young and Defy Dementia Event

Healthy and Holistic Living for Seniors

With our speakers:-

Dr Leila Eccles, Senior Clinical Psychologist Lancashire Care NHS Trust Dementia Inpatient wards

Rachel Eddyshaw, Specialist Occupational Therapist, based in Older Adult Community Services for Lancaster and Morecambe

Dr Eccles and Rachel will discuss:

Living Well with Dementia

An overview of community and inpatient services provided in by Lancashire Care NHS

Foundation Trust for people living with Dementia

Innovations within the Trust and Key priorities for people living with Dementia

Thursday 30th March Hornby Institute 10.30am – 12noon including Q and A

B4RN for Hornby, Claughton and Farleton – April Update

There has been lots of activity in Hornby this month as we continue to progress the remaining areas in the village.  As reported last month, after much effort, duct was installed through Moss Mire to a back garden in Station Road.  We have now completed the duct installation to the front of Station Road.  The box installations will follow shortly, which will allow the fibre to be blown in and lit where service has been requested.

There has been great progress at Strands Farm Court as well this month now that the wayleave agreement has been obtained.  We hope to have the properties that have registered an interest connected in the next few weeks.

There has been progress in all of the other remaining areas in Hornby this month:

–  Digging has started behind Main Street West.

–  A wayleave has been obtained to allow duct to be installed to the Castle Inn and Lingard properties.

–  B4RN have agreed a road cut across Hornby Hall Close.

We’ll be working on these as soon as volunteers are available.

Please email for further information about the rollout in Hornby and Farleton.

Senior Moments – March Meetings

Hornby Institute

10.30am -11.30 am

Thursday 2nd March

Residential Care and Home Care

  • Unique Home Care and Hillcroft Nursing Homes

Thursday 16th March

Supported Housing and Retirement Villages

  • Carole Gardner, Anchor Housing Trust

Thursday 30th March

Healthy and Holistic Living for seniors

  • Helen Scott, Clinical Service Manager
  • Dr James Harper, Clinical Director Older adult Mental Health Lancashire Care NHS Trust

In The Know – Don’t Use You Mobile Phone When Driving – The Message Is Clear

Lancashire Constabulary is supporting a national campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of using a mobile phone behind the wheel and the tough new penalties for those who flout the law.

From next week, Wednesday 1 March 2017, new legislation comes into effect that means motorists who are caught using a mobile whilst driving will receive six points on their licence and a £200 fine, doubling the previous punishment.

In support of the tougher national stance, the constabulary will no longer offer education courses to drivers caught using their phone as an alternative to a fine and points. Those caught will automatically be issued with a penalty notice or be reported to court, depending on the circumstances of the offence.

For new drivers (within two years of passing their test) this could mean automatically losing their licence and having to re-apply for a provisional and re-take their driving test.

It is hoped that the tougher penalties will act as a deterrent and encourage people to think before they pick up a phone whilst driving.

Alongside this, a number of tactics will be used during a week of action from 1-7 March, to coincide with the legislative change.

Safety camera vans will be deployed to areas where complaints have been received such as outside schools and on major trunk roads, and the camera technicians will be able to capture evidence of offences.

Marked and un-marked police vehicles will be used to identify possible offenders, checkpoints with observation areas on the approach will be implemented across the county and officers will be responding to complaints about persistent offenders.

Chief Inspector Damian Kitchen said: “Inattention and distraction are as big an issue to road safety as speed, seatbelt use and drink or drug driving. The consequences of even a moment’s distraction can be devastating and our message is ‘it simply is not worth taking that call or sending that text’. Killing or seriously injuring someone just because you picked up your mobile phone will live with you forever, and destroy families. In addition you could go to prison, lose your job and your licence.

“Sadly too many motorists on our roads are taking the risk of using their mobile phone when driving. Whether it’s looking at a text or a new social media post, streaming a video behind the wheel, checking emails or making a phone call, all of these activities are dangerous. I get lots of correspondence from the public, councillors and MPs asking us to do more to tackle this issue. It really is becoming as socially unacceptable as drink driving and rightly so.

“We want all road users to be aware of the new legislation, although I suspect there will be some who view this as a money making scheme, but I want to refute that straight away. Police forces receive no revenue from the fines issued, which all go to the treasury. This change in legislation and renewed approach is about reducing casualties. Success for me will be that we don’t issue any fines again because people simply stop doing it.

“I would urge anyone getting behind the wheel to think before picking up a mobile phone, and to those who are passengers or know that someone is likely to be driving, don’t distract them with calls or texts or other forms of communication. Leave it until you’ve finished your journey and have stopped driving.”

More information can be found on the Lancashire Constabulary website:

B4RN for Hornby, Claughton and Farleton – March Update


As reported last month, the resilient link to Wray has been completed.  This means that Hornby now has three connections to the B4RN network:  fibre connections to Melling and Wray, and a microwave link across the valley to Aughton.  In the unlikely event of a failure in one or two of these links, connectivity will automatically be maintained by the remaining available links.

At the time of writing last month’s contact article, we had just installed fibre up to Hornby Castle, but the properties still needed the 7mm duct installing.  This has now been completed, fibre has been blown and the connections gone live!

The team have made great progress at the South end of the village in the last month as well.  We have obtained wayleaves for the routes to and along most of Station Road West, Main Street West and Strands Farm Court.  Duct is now installed from Strands Farm offices to the Strands Farm Court chamber with just a short section still to be completed.  It took about 8 man days of work to install the duct for Station Road West through Moss Mire to a back garden in Station Road.  The next steps are to install duct at gutter level along the length of Station Road which we hope to complete in the next month or so.

B4RN have now agreed to a road cut across Hornby Hall Close to allow the completion of the East side of the road.  There is no progress to report yet regarding the Castle Inn wayleave which will allow installation to the Castle Inn and Lingard properties.
Please email for further information.


A representative from B4RN recently visited to advise on the future road cuttings on Farleton Old Road. With the weather holding it is hoped that further moling can be achieved during the following months.

Please email for further information, or if you can help Graham with the rollout in Farleton.

Hornby Singers

We are pleased that after the Christmas break Dan, our musical director introduced 3 new songs to our repertoire with a promise of more songs on the way.

To make the singing group available to as many people as possible there is both an evening and an afternoon group.  The evening group meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays 7.00pm – 9.00pm and the afternoon group on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday from 1.30pm -3.30pm.

Cost £4.00 per session including refreshments.  For more information call Pat on 015242 21449