Hornby-with-Farleton Parish Council

Hornby-with-Farleton Parish Council meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month, at 7:30pm, in Hornby Institute. Members of the public are more than welcome to attend. An agenda for each meeting is displayed in each of the Parish noticeboards on the Monday prior to that month’s meeting.

A summary of each meeting is published in ‘Contact’ each month, and a folder containing minutes of all meetings is available in Hornby Institute for the public to read. They can also be read here.

For further details on the work of the Parish Council, please contact the Clerk, or any member of the Parish which currently are:

  • Mrs. Pauline Gardner
  • Mrs. Jacque Lloyd
  • Mr. John Towse
  • Mr. Rod Smith
  • Mrs. Joanna Castaldi
  • Mr. Peter Norris
  • Ms. Sara Butler
  • Mr. John Towers
  • Ms. Josephine Sakne

 Parish Clerk

Hannah Wallington, 5 Monteagle Square, Hornby. Tel. 07815 604 527 email: hornbypc@gmail.com

Playground Reserve Bank Account – 2019-2020
Summary of Accounts – 2019-2020
Reserve Bank Account – 2019-2020
AGAR Part 2 – Exempt Cert – 2019-2020
Assets Register – 2019-2020
Contact Details – 2019-2020
Current Bank Account – 2019-2020
Notes to AGAR – 2019-2020
Notice of Public Rights – 2019-2020
Reserve Accs Bank Rec 2018-2019
Notice of Public Rights 2018-2019
Notes to Accounts 2018-2019
Current Acc Bank Rec 2018-2019
Accounts Summary 2018-2019
Asset Register 2018-2019
AGAR Part 2 – Exemption Cert 2018-2019

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