B4RN for Hornby, Claughton and Farleton – April Update

There has been lots of activity in Hornby this month as we continue to progress the remaining areas in the village.  As reported last month, after much effort, duct was installed through Moss Mire to a back garden in Station Road.  We have now completed the duct installation to the front of Station Road.  The box installations will follow shortly, which will allow the fibre to be blown in and lit where service has been requested.

There has been great progress at Strands Farm Court as well this month now that the wayleave agreement has been obtained.  We hope to have the properties that have registered an interest connected in the next few weeks.

There has been progress in all of the other remaining areas in Hornby this month:

–  Digging has started behind Main Street West.

–  A wayleave has been obtained to allow duct to be installed to the Castle Inn and Lingard properties.

–  B4RN have agreed a road cut across Hornby Hall Close.

We’ll be working on these as soon as volunteers are available.

Please email b4rn4hornby@gmail.com for further information about the rollout in Hornby and Farleton.

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