B4RN for Hornby, Claughton and Farleton – June Update


We are still working to complete the B4RN installation in Hornby. It is almost 3 years since we started, but over 12 months was used agreeing routes with major landowners and waiting for road cuts. We are down to very few volunteers but Dave Conner and Rachel Murton deserve a special mention as they are consistently there to help.

Recent work brought Station Road west and half of Strands Farm Court live. Main St west is in the queue for fusing by B4RN. The Castle Inn has been connected to B4RN and connection is available for Lingard Gate properties, but as yet, no residents have requested it.

Work to be done:

– We are working hard on Hornby Hall Close and will be installing the chamber next week.
– We have just received a modified way leave for The Old Police Houses and that allows completion.
– Gressgarth and the Doctors Surgery are to be progressed by a resident.
– We are waiting for a wayleave to complete Stands Farm Court.

Then we can hang up our spades and drills!


We have made progress this month and a chamber has been installed in the field at Valley view.

Thanks to all the B4RN professionals who are brilliantly helpful. As always, please email b4rn4hornby@gmail.com for further information about the rollout in Hornby and Farleton, or if you are able to help out.

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