B4RN for Hornby, Claughton and Farleton – May Update

We’ve continued to make excellent progress in the South of Hornby this month.  All Station Road properties that have requested a connection have now had boxes installed, duct connected back to the chamber and fibre blown.  Duct has also been installed and blown to 7 properties on Strands Farm Court.  B4RN has blown core fibre to both the Strands Farm Court and Main Street chambers but we are waiting for them to fuse the properties.

Great progress has also been made behind Main Street West with duct now installed between the chamber and 1 to 23 Main St.  Also, the dig to the wall of the Castle Inn has been completed and next we will install black duct for the Hotel & Lingard properties.  Finally, work is in progress to plan and get wayleaves for the other two remaining parts of Hornby:  the remainder of Strands Farm Court and Hornby Hall Close East

Please email b4rn4hornby@gmail.com for further information about the rollout in Hornby and Farleton.

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