B4RN for Hornby, Claughton and Farleton – July Update

We have completed installation work at Hornby Hall Close East, the Old Police Houses and connected Strands Farm Court from the Station Court chamber. Duct has also been laid to the building containing the doctors’ surgery.

That means that all digging, road crossing, path cutting, chamber installation and duct laying in Hornby is now complete!  The team has hung up its spades & drills and are ready for a well-earned rest.

At the time of writing, to complete Hornby, there are 18 houses to blow fibre to, and 21 houses to fuse.  The Hornby team of volunteers will blow the fibre at the end of June leaving the remaining work of fusing to be completed by the B4RN organisation.

Every property in Hornby has duct provisoned for it.  Where a property has not requested a connection, then in the vast majority of cases, the duct has been capped at the boundary of the land.  We believe that all properties that have requested connection will have been connected by the end of June.  If this is not the case, please email b4rn4hornby@gmail.com or contact one of the team as soon as possible.  The Hornby team will disband at the end of July.  After this time, any further requests for connnections will depend on the B4RN core team.  B4RN are very busy supporting the rapidly expanding network and it may take some time for them to address individual requests for service.

By the time the work is completed, around half of the properties in Hornby will have a B4RN connection installed, with around two thirds of those taking service as well.  Whilst this is lower than the average across other B4RN villages, it is not wholly unexpected because Hornby does have an existing broadband service that is considered by many to be adequate for their current needs.

Before signing off, the team would like to thank all of the property and land owners who have permitted us to cross their land.  Without you we couldn’t have completed this project.  Thank you to B4RN who came up with this whole idea and have provided help and support throughout.  Thank you to all of the volunteers who have helped over the last 3 years.  Many have been involved at some point, but Dave Collins, Dave Conner, Tom Hartley, Dave Lee, Ces Lloyd, Rachel Murton and Brian Wilkinson deserve particular mention.  They have done the lion’s share of the digging and duct laying in Hornby – thank you for all of your blood, sweat and tears!  Thank you to Dave Collins, John Hopkinson and Norman Silcock for the many house installations they have completed.  And finally, a massive thank you must go to Dave Collins.  As well as making a big contribution with digging and installations, Dave has done most of the planning, agreeing wayleaves, drawing maps, organising digs, liaising with B4RN and general project management that was required.  The project simply would never have been completed without Dave, so thank you!

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