Corvid-19 Coronavirus information for Hornby

Please check on your neighbours

Are they OK?

Who will help them if they become ill, or need to self-isolate? Everyone should have a ‘buddy’ nearby, a friend or relative or neighbour, who will check that they’re OK, and help them if they need to self-isolate.

Swap phone numbers! You may be used to speaking over the fence, but you will need each other’s phone numbers if either of you becomes ill or needs to self-isolate.

If you need to self-isolate

Let somebody know – a nearby friend, or relative, or neighbour, who can help

Hornby Shop will take orders over the phone, and deliver them themselves or via a Hornby Helpline volunteer, leaving your delivery on your doorstep – (015242) 22111 – please pay by card over the phone when you order, if you can

Hornby Tea Rooms will also work with Hornby Helpline to deliver sandwiches and even hot meals, again leaving them on your doorstep to protect our volunteers – (015242) 21237 – please pay by card over the phone when you order, if you can

Hornby Butchers will also organise home deliveries – (015242) 21248 – please pay by card over the phone when you order, if you can

Volunteers from Hornby Helpline will be working with all of the above as required, to support the anticipated additional demand. They may be able to offer additional shopping support if you need it. They can also deliver
your prescription medicines from the local surgeries straight to your door. Please do not come to the door to thank them if you are self-isolating. The direct Helpline number is (015242) 22227, open Monday to Saturday
10am to 12noon.

If you are shopping online, it might be worth looking at, which does complete ready-meals, which store in the cupboard (no need for a freezer) for up to six months, and cook in the microwave.

General advice from NHS England

Use a tissue for coughs and sneezes – and if you don’t have one, use your sleeve rather than your hand

Avoid touching other people – at all – it’s a lot to ask, but this one piece of advice makes a huge difference

Wash your hands immediately after touching anyone, and before you go out, and as soon as you get in, and before touching anything in the kitchen, before eating or drinking, and before and after using public transport, or visiting any public building or private home – use soap and hot water and wash for 20 seconds, paying extra attention to thumbs, and nails, and including the backs of your hands – a block of soap, or even washing-up liquid or shampoo, will work, if you don’t have liquid hand soap

Avoid touching even your own face – wash your hands first – and take extra care with dentures, and when helping others

Avoid close contact with people who are unwell if at all possible

Take extra care at meetings and in public places – keep a metre apart whenever practical

The main Corvid-19 Coronavirus symptoms are fever and tiredness, cough, breathing difficulties and
muscle pain.

If you are unwell, do not go to a GP, Pharmacy, or Hospital – visit or call 111. You may be asked to stay at home. You may be tested for the virus at home, or at a hospital, or at a drive-through testing point.

Other Hornby information

Church services are continuing at both churches. Church of England advice issued today is that people
should not touch each other, and that the chalice is not to be used. Updates will be posted at or see notices at church.

Hornby Institute is operating normally. Follow the general advice above.

Hornby Swimming Pool – the current advice is that the pool water is safe because of the chlorine and other treatments that the water gets continuously all year round – just exercise the same caution as elsewhere in the other areas.

Hornby Primary School is receiving updated advice daily from the Department of Education – the school will let you know if this affects you or your children.

The Old Vicarage Care Home is operating normally at present, and will let you know if any special arrangements may affect you.

Do not go to the surgery if you feel unwell – use or call 111

You will find that the shops, and all the other organisations listed, have stepped up their hygiene arrangements, and will introduce other restrictions when advised to do so. Please be patient if they are affected by staff illness or by difficulty obtaining certain supplies.
Everyone is doing everything they can.

Prepared as a service to the parish by volunteers from Saint Margaret’s Church, with support from Hornby Helpline and all the organisations and businesses listed. Many thanks to all the volunteer distributors. As the situation is changing day by day, there may be important local updates that we cannot practically get out on paper, so please sign up for email updates at – and pass the updates on to neighbours who may not have email

Wednesday 11 March 2020

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