Creative Writing Course

The course got off to a flying start with 21 people attending many more than had been expected.

We were asked by the tutor Marion McCraith what experience we had in creative writing and what we wanted to get out of the course.  Some participants had written  plays, short stories, magazine articles and a few had even published novels.   Others found their experience was restricted to writing for themselves or perhaps family members.  Everyone wanted to develop their writing skills and hoped the course would encourage them to be more ambitious.

Family History Course. Possible change of date from 11th to 18th January

Due to building works Hornby Institute may be closed  during the first and  the second week in January 2018  which means moving the start date of the Family History Course from the 11th to the 18th January ( at the time of writing this is not certain).

 Therefore If you are interested in the Family History Course please register with Hornby Institute  on 015242 22227 and check the start date.

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