In The Know – Action Fraud – Block scam callers – Protection for Dementia Sufferers

Do you know somebody with dementia or do you care for somebody with the illness? Stop scammers targeting them with Trading Standards’ call blockers.

Following the launch of my #beScamWise campaign earlier this year I have now joined up with the National Trading Standards team to become a Scambassador, I am committed to cutting scam-based crimes here in Lancashire.

As a Scambassador I have been informed that The National Trading Standards Scams team have secured government funding to provide free call blocking technology called trueCall Secure. This is to protect those in the most vulnerable circumstances from nuisance and scam calls.

Criminals purposely set out to target vulnerable people and for those living with dementia, it means they are extremely susceptible to being targeted with repeat attempts to steal their money and life savings.

Cold callers will prey on vulnerable people and I am committed to making sure that these criminals are stopped in any possible way. The average victim loses about £1,000, with older victims suffering more, losing around £5,000.

I want to highlight the fact that these trueCall boxes are there to help vulnerable people. The system lets a trusted caller ring the person as normal, but if the caller isn’t recognised or is flagged as a common scam caller then it acts as a personal assistant, intercepting the call and stopping it being connected.

This process blocks around 95% of unwanted calls without the phone ever ringing.

A limited number of these are available. Visit to apply for a call blocker.

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