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A community society is being formed to save Hornby Swimming Pool.

The purpose of this community society is to save Hornby Swimming Pool for the safety & health of all the Lune Valley communities by establishing a Charitable & Democratic Trust.



The Pool was built 40 years ago after a massive community effort. It was built primarily to teach swimming skills to counter the hazard of the two major rivers in the valley. Now, 40 years on, our Council has decided that the pool is not financially “viable”. We still have the two hazardous rivers and still need the pool.

Lancaster City Council has decided to close the pool and it is currently in “moth balls” to give time for the asset to be transferred to the community providing a sound business case can be developed.


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Pool Manager – Email:
Post:    LVCS c/o Hornby Village Institute, Main St, Hornby, Lancaster, LA2 8LD
Tel. No:  01524 805666


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