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New Guidance on Spending Time Outdoors- 13 May 20


• From today, people are allowed to spend more time outdoors
• They will be able to go to parks and beaches to sunbathe, have a picnic and go fishing
• Outdoor sports courts can reopen, including tennis and basketball courts as well as golf courses
• People will also be able to see one person from another household, as long as they follow social distance guidance
• This follows scientific advice that the risk of infection outside is significantly lower than inside
• All of the new regulations are subject to social distancing rules

From today (Wednesday 13 May) people in England can spend more time outdoors and enjoy a wider range of activities for any length of time, subject to social distancing rules.

People and their households can relax in the park, sunbathe, go for a picnic and go fishing. They will also be able to spend time with one member of another household, one-on-one, as long as they adhere to strict social distancing guidelines at all times, staying two metres apart.

Outdoor sports facilities can reopen including outdoor tennis courts, golf clubs and basketball courts meaning that people can play a greater range of sport. Again, they will be able to do this alone, with their household or one other person, while adhering to social distancing. Guidance that said people could only go out to exercise once a day have also been removed.

People will also be able to travel further to enjoy their time outside, with no restrictions on how far they can go to get to the countryside, National Parks and beaches in England. The advice remains that everybody should continue to avoid public transport other than for essential journeys. Therefore, people should only make these journeys by cycling, walking or driving in a private vehicle. People also should check in advance of visiting places like National Parks and beaches to make sure they are prepared for visitors.
Today’s advice is strictly limited to spending time with your household or with one other person and is subject to social distancing rules. It remains the case that you cannot gather with more than one member of another household for example to play sports. You also cannot:
• Go on holiday
• Visit and stay overnight at a holiday home or second home
• Visit the homes of friends and family, unless it’s to help a vulnerable person, for medical reasons, or to take a child to another household with whom parental responsibilities are shared
More stringent enforcement measures for non-compliance with the new rules have also come into effect today.
Fines have been increased, and will now start at £100, which will be lowered to £50 if paid within 14 days. This will double on each further repeat offence up to £3,200.

This is vital to send a clear message to the small minority who break the law, and to safeguard the country’s recovery.

The police will continue to use their common sense, discretion and experience when people are not following the guidelines. As they have throughout, they will engage, explain, encourage and only as a last resort consider enforcement by way of fixed penalty notice.

Communities Secretary Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP said:

“Spending time outdoors, exercising or just enjoying the countryside is essential for our physical health and wellbeing. The restrictions have impacted everyone, but particularly those without much living space or a garden.
“We want to make life as healthy, bearable and social as possible, whilst controlling the virus and saving lives. That is why we have worked to find safe ways to enable more people to spend more time outdoors.”

Environment Secretary Rt Hon George Eustice MP said:

“We know that spending time outdoors in green spaces and the countryside is important for our physical and mental wellbeing, especially during this challenging period.
“Our updated guidance advises how to do this safely and I urge people to follow it, continuing to maintain social distancing in order to protect yourself and others.”

Culture Secretary Rt Hon Oliver Dowden MP said:

“Sport and exercise has huge benefits for our physical and mental health, which is why we need everyone to stay as active as possible. “Allowing unlimited outdoor exercise will be welcome news to many, but it remains absolutely vital that everyone practices strict social distancing whilst playing sport to keep themselves and others safe.”

National Police Chiefs’ Council Chair Martin Hewitt said:

“The efforts of the public mean police officers have rarely had to enforce the Government regulations so far. I am confident the vast majority will continue to do their bit and follow guidance in this next stage.

“We are all now able to spend much more time outdoors and each of us need to take responsibility for doing that within the social restrictions set out by the Government. Our approach will continue use common sense and discretion, and to engage, explain, encourage and, only as a last resort, enforce.”

To support this change in advice, the government is also publishing guidance on how to do it safely. This includes guidance on accessing green spaces. Safer Public Places during Coronavirus in urban centres and green space guidance, also published today,
sets out how high streets and areas around transport hubs and parks can be managed and operated safely, giving people confidence to return to public spaces.

This also suggests practical measures owners and operators can take to help people socially distance in public places including making more room for pedestrians and making it easier for people to cycle or walk to work.
Measures suggested in the guidance include:
• Introducing new cycle paths or extending existing paths
• Making high-streets streets pedestrianised or introducing one-way traffic
• Separate entry and exit routes in shops
• Changing car parking layouts
• Widening footpaths Temporary barriers or spray markings outside shops to support queueing
• Signs to encourage people to wait to allow others to pass on footpaths

Developed with local councils and town and city managers as well as landowners, commercial landlords and management companies, the guidance also sets out measures for land around commercial buildings, transport hubs and green spaces including parks and cemeteries.

The government is also publishing guidance today (13 May) on outdoor sport and recreation, to increase people’s access to local, outdoor physical activity. The guidance details how the public can carry out more regular and diverse exercise, and how outdoor sports courts and facility providers can consider reopening, in line with the Government’s advice.

Recycling Centres To Re-Open In Lancashire

Lancashire County Council will be reopening most of its recycling centres on Friday 15 May, but people will need to book an appointment before visiting.

There will also be other restrictions on how people can use the sites.

booking system is now open, with bookings available online or by calling the council’s customer service centre on 0300 123 6781.

People will be given a 30 minute window in which to visit, with the number of appointments available being limited to allow staff to check people’s details on arrival and manage their movement around the site to ensure social distancing.

12 of the usual network of 16 sites will be reopening, with sites at Carnforth, Garstang, Haslingden, and Longridge, remaining closed.

The council is operating a slightly reduced network because each site now needs more staff to be able to operate safely and effectively. These four facilities are among the quietest in terms of visitor numbers, have easily accessible alternative facilities, or present specific challenges in terms of operating safely while maintaining social distancing. Whilst they will remain closed initially everyone will still have access to a recycling centre within reasonable reach of where they live. The council intends to learn from how the other sites operate to consider how these sites can also be reopened safely.

People are being asked to only book a visit if they have an essential need to dispose of some excess waste, as demand is expected to be very high.

There are also restrictions on how people use the sites.

  • People will be asked to only bring one type of waste per visit. Visitors will not be able to walk freely around the site as they could previously. This is because the sites have been reconfigured to ensure social distancing, and visitors will be asked to drive up to the particular skip they need.
  • People can only visit by car, with a complete ban on the use of all trailers and vans. Access to the sites will be controlled using vehicle registration numbers.
  • People cannot bring construction and demolition waste, also known as inert waste, and plaster, plasterboard or asbestos, and the usual permit system allowing people to bring limited amounts of this waste will not be operating.
  • People will need to carry their waste from their car to the skip as staff will not be able to help.
  • People will be limited to one visit per calendar week, and cannot book multiple visits by choosing different sites.
  • People must not visit if they have any symptoms of coronavirus or should be self-isolating.

The council is also highlighting that it will be enforcing a zero tolerance approach to any abuse or aggression towards staff.

Each site will open on the same days, and during the same hours, as under normal circumstances, with full details available on the council’s website.

The sites which will can be visited from Friday by anyone with an appointment are as follows: Altham, Barnoldswick, Burscough, Burnley, Chorley, Clitheroe, Farington, Fleetwood, Lytham, Lancaster, Preston, Skelmersdale.

Closure of Hornby Village Institute

It is with deep sadness that the trustees of Hornby Village Trust have decided to follow government advice and close the Institute from midday of Friday 20th March until further notice.

We are very sorry for users of the Institute in particular the regulars at the drop in.

We will review the closure in the light of advice regularly.

Gym membership will freeze on closure and restart when we open.

Extract from PMs statement on Monday
• Now is the time for everyone to stop non-essential contact with others
• You should avoid pubs, clubs, theatres and car other such social venues.
• Now, this advice about avoiding all unnecessary social contact, is particularly important for people over 70, for pregnant women and for those with some health conditions

Any questions please ring David Collins HVT secretary on 07772827241

Coronavirus Update 17/03/20

Coronavirus national information and advice for everyone

A first look at yesterday’s new government advice suggests there are three sets of advice for three groups of people.

1. If there is any possibility at all that you might have the virus, your entire household must self-isolate for fourteen days. That means, if you have a new cough, or a fever, none of you should leave the house at all, for two full weeks, “even to buy food or essentials” – although you may leave the house “for exercise, and, in that case, keep a safe distance from others”. Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital. There is no need to contact 111 simply to tell them that you are staying at home. Testing for coronavirus is not needed and is unlikely to be available.

2. If you were born in the 1950s or earlier, you are more likely than others to need a ventilator if you get the virus, and there aren’t enough ventilators if everyone gets it at once, so for your own sake, and for the sake of others, you are also asked to self-isolate until this is all over – twelve weeks initially. Again, you may leave the house for exercise, but should keep a safe distance from others.

3. Everybody else is asked to reduce social contact to a minimum: work from home, eliminate unnecessary travel, avoid social activities (including pubs, restaurants, theatres and cinemas), and do not have visitors in your home (even friends and family). Do not visit friends or relatives in care homes unless absolutely necessary. Avoid using the NHS if at all possible. Try before any other NHS service.

Pregnant women, and people with long-term health vulnerabilities, should follow the same advice as group 2 above.

If you are self-isolating with symptoms, use if you feel you cannot cope with your symptoms at home, if your condition gets worse, or if your symptoms do not get better after seven days. Only call 111 if you cannot get the help you need from online.

The previous advice remains in place:

* Use a tissue for coughs and sneezes – and if you don’t have one, use your sleeve rather than your hand

* Avoid touching other people – at all – it’s a lot to ask, but this one piece of advice makes a huge difference

* Wash your hands immediately after touching anyone, and before you go out, and as soon as you get in, and before touching anything in the kitchen, before eating or drinking, and before and after using public transport, or visiting any public building or private home – use soap and hot water and wash for 20 seconds, paying extra attention to thumbs, and nails, and including the backs of your hands – a block of soap, or even washing‑up liquid or shampoo, will work, if you don’t have liquid hand soap

* Avoid touching even your own face – wash your hands first – and take extra care with dentures, and when helping others

* Avoid close contact with people who are unwell if at all possible

* Keep a metre apart in all public places

The churches are expecting instructions from the bishops later today (Tuesday)

For now, the bishops suggest that you can time your 20 seconds of handwashing by saying the Lord’s Prayer

Local arrangements for the four villages

I am urgently contacting local shops and volunteers this morning to update information on potential home grocery deliveries for those who are self-isolating. If you are in a position to help, by collecting ready-prepared food packages from a single designated local shop, and dropping them off on people’s doorsteps, please let me know: email We had expected to develop this new volunteer service slowly, with self-isolations lasting two weeks and increasing in number slowly; instead, we have about 200 self-isolations immediately, lasting twelve weeks. Hopefully most people will be able to rely on neighbours, friends, and relatives, but we may well need volunteers to fill the gaps. Please do get in touch.

I will aim to update throughout the day and throughout the week with further news and developments.

I will use the Weekly Bulletin email list to send out updates: subscribe here

Michael Hampson (vicar) 6am Tuesday 17 March

Additional local information and advice

for Hornby

for Whittington and Arkholme

for Gressingham

Number of recorded cases locally
from BBC News updated Monday 16 March
Lancashire: 8 cases (population 1,210,053)
Cumbria: 10 cases (population 498,888)
North Yorkshire: 6 cases (population 614,505)

Cancelled Meetings – Hornby Singers & Flower Club

Following the Governments announcement about over 70s self-isolating we have decided that the Hornby Singers and The Hornby Flower Club meetings will be cancelled until after Easter or until further notice.

Please would you put this into your magazines and if you have already published but have an on line notice would you please display these notices on your website.

Thank you for all your hard work on our behalf.

Take care and stay safe.

Coronavirus update 16/03/20

Hornby latest local information and advice
Whittington and Arkholme latest local information and advice
including request for volunteers
only half of this went out on the Whittington village email
so Whittington folks especially would benefit from having this link forwarded
Gressingham latest local information and advice
Sunday 10.45am service will be broadcast live online
We are attempting to set up a live broadcast of the 10.45am Parish Communion this Sunday so that you can follow the service live online if you do not wish to attend in person at this time – testing is being undertaken today
Church service coronavirus precautions
for your reassurance

Corvid-19 Coronavirus information for Hornby

Please check on your neighbours

Are they OK?

Who will help them if they become ill, or need to self-isolate? Everyone should have a ‘buddy’ nearby, a friend or relative or neighbour, who will check that they’re OK, and help them if they need to self-isolate.

Swap phone numbers! You may be used to speaking over the fence, but you will need each other’s phone numbers if either of you becomes ill or needs to self-isolate.

If you need to self-isolate

Let somebody know – a nearby friend, or relative, or neighbour, who can help

Hornby Shop will take orders over the phone, and deliver them themselves or via a Hornby Helpline volunteer, leaving your delivery on your doorstep – (015242) 22111 – please pay by card over the phone when you order, if you can

Hornby Tea Rooms will also work with Hornby Helpline to deliver sandwiches and even hot meals, again leaving them on your doorstep to protect our volunteers – (015242) 21237 – please pay by card over the phone when you order, if you can

Hornby Butchers will also organise home deliveries – (015242) 21248 – please pay by card over the phone when you order, if you can

Volunteers from Hornby Helpline will be working with all of the above as required, to support the anticipated additional demand. They may be able to offer additional shopping support if you need it. They can also deliver
your prescription medicines from the local surgeries straight to your door. Please do not come to the door to thank them if you are self-isolating. The direct Helpline number is (015242) 22227, open Monday to Saturday
10am to 12noon.

If you are shopping online, it might be worth looking at, which does complete ready-meals, which store in the cupboard (no need for a freezer) for up to six months, and cook in the microwave.

General advice from NHS England

Use a tissue for coughs and sneezes – and if you don’t have one, use your sleeve rather than your hand

Avoid touching other people – at all – it’s a lot to ask, but this one piece of advice makes a huge difference

Wash your hands immediately after touching anyone, and before you go out, and as soon as you get in, and before touching anything in the kitchen, before eating or drinking, and before and after using public transport, or visiting any public building or private home – use soap and hot water and wash for 20 seconds, paying extra attention to thumbs, and nails, and including the backs of your hands – a block of soap, or even washing-up liquid or shampoo, will work, if you don’t have liquid hand soap

Avoid touching even your own face – wash your hands first – and take extra care with dentures, and when helping others

Avoid close contact with people who are unwell if at all possible

Take extra care at meetings and in public places – keep a metre apart whenever practical

The main Corvid-19 Coronavirus symptoms are fever and tiredness, cough, breathing difficulties and
muscle pain.

If you are unwell, do not go to a GP, Pharmacy, or Hospital – visit or call 111. You may be asked to stay at home. You may be tested for the virus at home, or at a hospital, or at a drive-through testing point.

Other Hornby information

Church services are continuing at both churches. Church of England advice issued today is that people
should not touch each other, and that the chalice is not to be used. Updates will be posted at or see notices at church.

Hornby Institute is operating normally. Follow the general advice above.

Hornby Swimming Pool – the current advice is that the pool water is safe because of the chlorine and other treatments that the water gets continuously all year round – just exercise the same caution as elsewhere in the other areas.

Hornby Primary School is receiving updated advice daily from the Department of Education – the school will let you know if this affects you or your children.

The Old Vicarage Care Home is operating normally at present, and will let you know if any special arrangements may affect you.

Do not go to the surgery if you feel unwell – use or call 111

You will find that the shops, and all the other organisations listed, have stepped up their hygiene arrangements, and will introduce other restrictions when advised to do so. Please be patient if they are affected by staff illness or by difficulty obtaining certain supplies.
Everyone is doing everything they can.

Prepared as a service to the parish by volunteers from Saint Margaret’s Church, with support from Hornby Helpline and all the organisations and businesses listed. Many thanks to all the volunteer distributors. As the situation is changing day by day, there may be important local updates that we cannot practically get out on paper, so please sign up for email updates at – and pass the updates on to neighbours who may not have email

Wednesday 11 March 2020