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Jazz in Hornby – Urgent Update – 9th August

I must tell you, sadly, that Chris is unable to be with us, his father is very, very, unwell.

Our discussions on how to save the gig led us quickly to a unanimously agreed solution: You will remember that the youthful guitar player Joe Steels has `sat in` with the Quintet for the last three reunions and performed with increasing brilliance. So he will join tenor sax player Ed Kainyek in the front line. Chris, ever the leader, has given them some advice; and of course they will be superbly backed by pianist Andrzej Baranek, and the original dynamic duo: Rob Steels, double bass, and Jack Davies, drums.

I`m looking forwards to this format; it will have a different sound, but I know it will be great.

I hope you can be with us to share the experience.


In The Know – Action Fraud – Courier Fraud Alert

In The Know – Action Fraud – Fake Talktalk Emails

Watch out for these FAKE TalkTalk emails about a refund

Action Fraud has received over 100 reports this week about fake emails purporting to be from TalkTalk. The emails state that the recipient’s TalkTalk account is in credit and that they’re owed a refund. The links in the emails lead to malicious websites.

Don’t click on the links or attachments in suspicious emails, and never respond to messages that ask for your personal or financial details.