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In The Know – Action Fraud – Extortion Scam

Neighbourhood Watch E-Newsletter October 18

In The Know – Action Fraud – Scam Alert – Phone Call – There Is A Warrant Out For Your Arrest Due To Tax

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Scam Alert – Phone Call – There Is A Warrant Out For Your Arrest Due To Tax

*SCAM ALERT – PLEASE SHARE* We’ve had several reports which have all been from older people saying they have been receiving phone calls from number 0203 290 0016. These calls state ‘There is a warrant out for your arrest due to tax. You need to call this number back to pay’.

It looks like calls like this have been received in a number of areas. This is a scam. HMRC and all other genuine organisations will never contact people in this way to demand money and would never say there is a warrant out for someone’s arrest. Please make sure friends and relatives are aware of this and if you look after any older person, please encourage them to never give out personal or bank details over the phone and reassure them that if they ever get a call like this it’s OK to put the phone straight down and not call back.

A Trading Standards Approved solution to blocking unwanted phone calls is TrueCall – This can be purchased from 

Let’s help to look after each other across Lancashire and make sure scammers like this are wasting their time.


Hosepipe ban Lifted for householders in the North West

This latest update comes with some welcome good news. 

The work we have been doing to conserve water supplies and abstract water from other sources combined with the help from customers in reducing their own usage as well as the recent rainfall and slightly cooler temperatures means we are now in a position to call off the hosepipe ban planned for this weekend.

This decision has been taken in the context of the improved position in our water resources and not wanting to inconvenience customers for a moment longer than is necessary. However, the long range forecast from the Met Office is one of relatively dry weather into the autumn, so future restrictions are still a possibility if more rain doesn’t arrive and if we see a significant increase in demand.

We are continuing to step up our response with our leakage teams working 24 hours a day to find and repair as many leaks as possible.  Our operational teams are out and about much more than usual making interventions such as installing new pumping stations, pumping between reservoirs, bringing ground water sources into use and prioritising maintenance to help ensure supplies are not interrupted during this prolonged dry spell.

As you would expect, we are working closely with the Environment Agency in monitoring the situation to ensure we have enough water in supply right across the region while balancing the needs of customers and the impact on water sources and the local environment.  We are still urging customers to help us by using water wisely where they can.