Gressingham Parish Council

Gressingham Parish Council meetings are held on a regular basis.

For details on the work of the Parish Council, please contact the Clerk, or any member of the Parish which currently are:

  • Sally Riley
  • David Wiper

Parish Clerk: Lesley Wareing

Tel: (015242) 21918



Pearson Trust

Gressingham Church Building Community Space and Old School Room Consultation


Some decades ago Sir Frank Pearson set up the Pearson Trust, which contributes towards the upkeep of the St John the Evangelist church in Gressingham. The last surviving members of the Pearson Trust with links to Gressingham Village have offered to donate the Trust’s funds to Gressingham.

The offer is specifically of funds to convert the church into a community centre and to use the Old School Room (OSR) to generate income (either for example, as two rented flats or one flat plus offices) to cover the running costs of the new community centre.

As a result of a village meeting, a working group; the Pearson Trust Working Group (PTWG) was established, with the aim of investigating and developing three options proposed by the village:- to convert the existing church building, or to do that and add an annex or to do nothing and allow the church to close down in the next few years.

The Pearson Trust Working Group held an public exhibition/consultation in Gressingham church during the weekend 21st-23rd April. This included detailed plans prepared by the architect to illustrate the various options under consideration. The information displayed may be viewed online at this location:


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